Picklemimi Shop is ✨CLOSED✨ untill Mid-April/OC Japan Fair

Picklemimi Shop is ✨CLOSED✨ untill Mid-April/OC Japan Fair

🍡We are currently on Spring break ! Shop is closed ;)


Hello it's me, Allison, the owner & Artist of Picklemimi, who creates the brand that sells cute food-art stickers and merch 🍞

2024 has been an AMAZING year. Lots of things had happened: getting my son assessed for speech and behavior issues, returned to one of my OG event-Monterey Park Lunar New Year Festival & Quitting my 10-yr job! 

I wouldn't say my art business is growing super fast but really grateful of how many of you are here to see me ( and my team :family & friends) work as best as we could to make Picklemimi glowing. 


Shop activity will resume online and in-person in mid-April 


🍙 My next in-person event will be in:

OC Japan Fair

April 19-21, 2024/ OC Fair Group

Tickets are now on-sale



I am currently working on a new Spring series and will be releasing around mid-April when shop is re-opening again. Please come hang out with my on IG to see updates and lots of story-updates. 


☁️Thank you for all the supports and would love to see you all in-person soon >:3


🍓Do you have a spring break plan? Let me know here! 


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