Hello! Did I just quit my part-time job???

Hello! Did I just quit my part-time job???

Hello Everyone :)

Either you're new or already a fan who follows me on Instagram,

I am grateful that you've found my post here as the first post on my official website (Weeee 🎉)

Things have moved slow and fast for me here as a creator who is trying to be different roles: a mom, a part-time employee, and an artist who owns a brand that sells food-inspired kawaii art merch 🍙

I had to confess; I have been subscribing to Shopify for the website since about six months ago and been pushing back by many other matters (vendor events, kids activity, vacations,...you know!)

And I finally get to make my mind to do this because I AM OFFICALLY QUITTING MY JOB after working for the same company for 10 years. 🥲 It's bitter sweet because I love my supervisors and co-workers ( so many food and coffee runs OMG)

And it's time to shift my focus to my two kids and my sticker art biz. 


It will be lots of fun! Tutorials, event blogs/vlog??? maybe, or just to share my experience as a merch base creators will be find here at Picklemimi 🌼


I am glad you're here and more posts to come.

Please don't be shy to leave a comment to just say hi or an emoji or two 😉


Boba is life!

-Alli/ Owner & Artist at Picklemimi


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